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Loomings were founded in 2012 by Jacopo Costa, an Italian musician based in Strasbourg: he had long coveted the idea of setting up a band to perform his own compositions and found in Strasbourg some versatile partners to bring this project to life. Within Loomings, the voices of Maria Denami and Clara Weil — the first coming from a lyrical background, the second more into the popular music scene — join forces with the jazzy groove provided by Nicolas Klee (bass) and Nils Boyny (Keyboards) and to percussions and the electronics devices controlled by Enrico Pedicone and Jacopo Costa. The result of this blend, at times poetic, at times ironic or powerful, invites the most adventurous listeners to discover new musical territories.

Loomings is a one of a kind musical universe of mingling voices and percussions, acoustic and electronic sounds. Our songs follow unpredictable paths: sometimes they emerge from complex compositional strategies, sometimes they’re just driven by the desire to walk through harmonies, vocal arabesques, instrumental unisons and phases. We propose a music which belongs to the tradition of experimental pop and rock — artists like the Beatles, Rock In Opposition, Frank Zappa or even Prince — but we don’t want just to follow in their footsteps: our aim is to venture further along the path shown by these « pioneers ».

Maria Denami – voice

Clara Weil – voice

Nils Boyny – keyboards

Nicolas Klee – bass

Enrico Pedicone – vibraphone, drums, percussions and live electronics

Jacopo Costa – voice, vibraphone, drums, percussions and live electronics

Romain Muller – sound engineer