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Loomings is a band from Strasbourg (FR) founded by Italian musician Jacopo Costa. Thanks to the vitality of the local music scene, he had the opportunity to create his compositions with the help of musicians with varied artistic backgrounds. The voices of Maria Denami and Clara Weil – one from the lyric repertoire, the other rooted in popular music and folk – join the jazzy groove of Theron Fuhrmann (electric bass), and the percussions and electronic devices played by Enrico Pedicone and Jacopo himself. 

The result of this encounter, at once poetic, ironic and powerful, invites the most adventurous minds to discover new sound territories. With songs halfway between rock, contemporary music and… something else, Loomings take over the ears with unique sounds. Their musical references belong to the experimental pop-rock tradition: from the Beatles to Rock in Opposition, through Zappa and Prince. However, Loomings’ repertoire is mostly driven by a will to go further on the path laid out by these “pioneers”, and not to just follow it.

Maria Denami – voice

Clara Weil – voice

Theron Fuhrmann – bass

Enrico Pedicone – vibraphone, drums, percussions and live electronics

Jacopo Costa – voice, vibraphone, drums, percussions and live electronics